LUMEN is a safe space for individuals to share their story, be vulnerable, and live their truth through strength, courage, and empowerment.


Break the negative stigma 

surrounding invisible illnesses by creating a society to promote awareness and togetherness

through storytelling.

LUMEN Society is a non-profit organization breaking the stigmas surrounding invisible illnesses to create a society where impacted individuals can revel in the chaos of their stories as a community.


A space to lift each other as a society through speaking the truth and embracing the fractured pieces of life we all carry to create a new meaning to invisible illnesses. Invisible illnesses are chronic health conditions that are not visibly apparent and can have adverse effects on the perception of a ‘normal’ life. This includes autoimmune diseases, mental health conditions, learning disabilities and neurological disorders. LUMEN's initiatives take a proactive approach to breaking the stigma surrounding invisible illnesses through sharing knowledge with youth, educating parents, and partnering with community organizations.

In efforts of chasing a new meaning to invisible illnesses our bracelets represent living your truth while being reminded that you are part of a larger community. 40% of the proceeds go to the following charities: Watari, WAVAW, BC Centre for Ability, and Lupus Canada; and 30% go towards a scholarship for grade 12 students impacted by invisible illnesses. The remaining 30% will be an investment in LUMEN Society so we can continue striving for this wave of change.

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act as a symbol of perseverance


embrace others story's while discovering your own power


embody fearlessness through storytelling


In an effort to proactively address the stigma surrounding invisible illnesses LUMEN promotes ...