Updated: Jan 8, 2018

I had everything a mid 20’s girl could want: A nice apartment in downtown, a nice car, a good job with a great boss and co-workers, a six figure salary and a great partner. But something still felt like it was missing. I noticed myself feeling sad, lost and not able to concentrate at work or in social settings. I would be sitting with my friends but not able to be present. I would break down crying at times and dreaded waking up in the morning for work. I had felt like that on and off for years since my dad passed away. I spoke to therapists, wrote in my journal, prayed, started working out and eating healthy. But that hole in my heart would still be there. I thought back to the last time I was happy. The thing that came to mind was my vacation in Africa. So I decided to quit my job and travel through Europe and South-East Asia for 10 months. Through my travels, I met incredible people, finally learned how to meditate and look inwards for answers and found my purpose in life to help other people heal. I hope my story inspires you to live out your truth and highest self, whatever that looks like to you. It is never too late to make a change or seek help. If you feel like you are going through depression or feeling lost. Go find that thing that makes you happy and go pursue it. In pursuing what makes you happy, you will find your truth and step into it. Embrace the change, look inwards to heal, and constantly keep growing.

Author: Farah Saad

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