Overcoming Shame

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

I feel stretched out, like one of my arms is reaching across a vast space, attempting to bridge a disconnect that exists nowhere but in my own head, and on my heavy, heavy chest. One, two, breathe, repeat, yet instead of breaths, the negative thoughts are a repeat soundtrack, and impending doom. This is my anxiety, I’m sure it might be yours too. We might have different variations, but I take solace in the belief that I do not suffer alone. My anxiety is part of me, and instead of running, ducking, and doing all sorts of backflips to try and avoid it, I am ready to see what it’s all about, and open myself up to this vulnerability, this side of me that was a cause of shame for so long. The truth is, my anxiety isn’t the problem, the shame that I felt towards that part of myself is what isolated me, and left me gasping for air. I do not suffer alone, I see that now, I have arms beneath me that never let me feel the impact of a fall. I’m getting to know this version of myself, and I’m thankful LUMEN exists, to remind me that the work we do inside ourselves, is just as important as the work we do outwards.

Author: Anonymous

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