In efforts to chase a new meaning to invisible illnesses our 3 bracelets represent living your truth while being reminded that you are part of a larger community. 30% of all bracelet sales go towards The LUMEN Scholarship and 40% go towards the 4 charities we support. In 2018, LUMEN raised over $1700 for these charities.
In June 2019, LUMEN awarded 2 scholarships, of $1000 each, to 2 high school graduates who have been impacted by invisible illnesses. Applications for the 2020 scholarship will open at the end of 2019, so keep an eye out!
In partnership with the RCMP and Surrey School District's Next 100 Years program, LUMEN has presented to several elementary high school classes and at 2 Parent's Nights about invisible barriers and mental wellness! Together, we are creating a space to speak the truth and embrace the fractured pieces of life we all carry to create a new meaning to invisible illnesses.
In the Summer of 2018, LUMEN partnered with Thiara Blueberry Farms at the Haney Farmers Market and raised over $2000 for LUMEN by donating all proceeds from their blueberry sales! This donation went directly to The LUMEN Scholarship and the 4 charities we support. Together, we are working towards breaking the negative stigma surrounding invisible illnesses and supporting people in revelling in the chaos of their story's!