Watari Counselling & Support Services Society is a registered, charitable social-profit organization established in 1986 in response to the lack of services and programs for street involved youth and families. 

Watari provides services to high-risk adolescents, their families, and the community. Services include: substance misuse counselling, community training and education on issues related to high-risk youth, youth food banks, community kitchens, and community development and gardening programs.


LUMEN’s goal of supporting people of all backgrounds and age groups in empowering themselves to overcome their invisible barriers aligns with Watari’s inclusion of both youth and adults through their various programs on mental health and addictions.

BC Centre for Ability is accredited by CARF International, an independent association focused on health and human services. They have been serving children, youth, and adults with disabilities, and their families, since 1969, when they were first established as the BC Neurological Association.


The BC Centre for Ability provides community-based services that enhance the quality of life for children, youth, and adults with disabilities and their families in ways that facilitate and build competencies and foster inclusion in all aspects of life.


Neurological and developmental disabilities are often invisible to an onlooker, but can create life-long impacts when developed at childhood. LUMEN’s purpose is to provide support, promote togetherness, and create a community for children and adults impacted by invisible illnesses. BC Centre for Ability's vision of providing community-based supports to families struggling with disabilities aligns with this purpose.


Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW) Rape Crisis Centre is a feminist, anti-violence organization in Vancouver, BC. Their work can be summarized in two different actions they take: they support survivors, and they shift society.   

To support survivors, they have a 24-hour crisis and information line, they provide support accessing the medical and legal systems, and they conduct one-to-one and group counselling services.  

They shift society through their educational outreach program, working with teachers, students, and service providers to change the rape culture we live in. Most recently, they’ve begun an inclusion project to open up their services to trans, Two-Spirit, and genderqueer survivors. 

All of WAVAW’s services are free of charge. This is possible because of community support, and providing donations is an excellent way to support survivors of sexual assault.

LUMEN understands that abuse and assault, of all forms, can result in the onset of health concerns that are not physically apparent. WAVAW’s inclusive approach aligns with LUMEN’s vision to help people from all backgrounds and cultures come together to fight against invisible illnesses.


Lupus Canada is a national voluntary organization dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by lupus through research, public awareness, advocacy, and education.


Lupus Canada promotes public awareness through a 1-800 Number where people can inquire information about Lupus, additional resources, as well as provincial contacts supporting lupus research.


LUMEN's goal of raising awareness and reducing the negative stigma surrounding invisible illnesses is integral within our efforts. By supporting Lupus Canada, LUMEN not only achieves its goals of promoting invisible illnesses, but is providing support for people dealing with Lupus, while raising awareness for the illness.